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The Art of Walking

                                Art as difference in the transformation of time.




Walking is the best way to understand the principle of movement to discover any place.  The sense of walking is an action that has been performed since the beginning of time, from the early migrations out of Africa that took people all over the world. It is echoing the whole history of mankind. It is taking a step forward and than another, such a simple action has been probably one of the few things that have remained the same during thousands of years, but with the speed of our time walking seems to be a kind of resistance.

Walking blurs the borders between the art, the artist and the audience. The moment we start walking we are creating a space and it is taking us time to walk. In this action or performance the end of the path is the return to where we began. 

To complete the walk you need to find out or within where the  “Exact Place” is turning Art in is difference and repetition.

Alejandro Mondria

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