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Whole in one. A walk around the river Rhine.


We are walking or drifting around the flow of the river. The work starts at a street sign with the written words of BEING and BECOMING, each pointing at opposite directions and two different ways to go, but they create a relationship between them, that opens up to a third possibility. It does not have to be one way or the other, it can be both. There is a path that has been designed to follow18 different signs that are numbered, each location is a street sign displaying different roads in the landscape and each site is a way to understand and explore or experience the place differently, they open up to a plurality of meanings, directions and relations that create a path in relationship to the Exact place, the being of a place or the place of being. A place to be found, since any place, is there for the finding.

It is not an easy place to find, but once you do, once you see the beauty and freedom of seeing from this place where there is no direction, but a return to its beginning action, where the work reveals itself. This revelation can be partially or  a completely different beginning, a beginning of creative vision that ends in the vision of a whole creative action that is comprehended in the being of a place, or during the time that the art event takes place. When the work and walk is completed by the spectator, the exact place becomes a revelation, a epiphany of time. Any comprehended relationship involves not knowing all, or its relationship with the eternal possibility of becoming real in the chance of opening up to being public or the moment the personal opens up to the universal. 

The Exact place is a moment or awareness that lasts as long as you can and are able to concentrate in the place in being to complete the way. The time it last in the apprehension of a conscious moment of a reality that has "meaning of its own" and if realised,  it's a power that returns you to your persona to assimilate what it is, that finds the time or needs the time for it to happen, while it is happening. This power is a remembrance of who you are as a person, it is an origin (not old but active.) It is a beginning action. The work is designed in such a way that this realisation is one that you need to unleash again, because it is only a remainder, a present in a fragment of time, an extra free time that becomes fragmented, and like any fragment its a part broken off from something, that keeps on building up into a "plurality of meaning". This fragment of time  becomes personal and needs to open up to the whole of reality of time and space, a reality that we are building in walking as an art form, a time that shows and builds up relationships not only to discover how we exist but to re-evaluate this relationship that are already in existence.  A reality between the relationship with the finite and eternity, the mind and the thinking, the body and the sense, the sense or perception of  being and the intuition and the knowledge combined to be aware of time, the fragments of time and the opening of any fragment into two different relationships: One that is creative, imaginative, and inventive with time and a second way  that opens up in all things multiplying always in relationship. This two relationships will open a third perspective, a spiritual beginning that acknowledges this relationship with time and in time, creating a  beginning of seeing whole in an action to understand the time that is ending and the urgency of time as the meaning of "what it means" to have free time to activate its empowerment.

 When you walk towards the exact place there is something you need to complete which is different when you are coming form the exact place. To make sense of time and create an activity of the place in being, any way or no way at all, every time you complete the path from the exact place to the beginning of any place, not only you unleash a fragment of  time to become public, but you are creating a difference by opening up a way to a unviversal reality of a place in being to become real. As long as time is a fragment of reality or the personal remains in a believe in time, there is only conditions to imagine and any truth to become is a future that is never in the being of the present moment that completes the way. The action to begin from any part of the world we share as reality is the world which we complete. As long as the designation or a design is only to improve the way, there is no art to be more than its parts, nor any chance to be completed. Art is vital to complete any or no way at all, exactly when it's not only about improving a designation. Art is for improvisation with a creative vision as a whole to care for what is already imagine, to complete in the present of  being in any given time to become what already is free time; Meaning, a time that can not to be conditioned, limited or identify as a part, but only as a whole of who we are, the extra time available at the end of any given time. It is the time it begins to free itself, which can only be seen in its beginning action, in the creative vision that happens to be all in one, or alone outside of itself. 


                                                                                                                                                                      Alejandro Mondria



A walk to a Talk.  If you have any questions or want further information please feel free to contact.


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