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Things you may need to know 


1. Follow the signs in an orderly way. They are number and there is a map to follow. It is the best way, but not the only way. 

2. If you want to follow the direction of the signs or create your own way around the signs, The work becomes a labyrinth. You will     loose your way easily. 

3. The path becomes a creative road of transformative states of being

2. The departure point is from being and becoming, keep it always in mind not to get lost in time.

3. Intuition and perception are tools for the knowledge to find and recognise the Exact place. 

4. In each sign what is important is to create a relationship between the two directions given. This two become a third way.

    The 3  they become one clear way in building a plurality of meaning to find the "Exact place"

5. Consider Intelligence and sensibility as one way to see clearly. 

6. You are not against anybody, you are up against time.

7. When it comes to the spiritual, we are always at the beginning.  

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