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A walk around the Rhine.

Art and place. Place and flow.


Place encompasses being of individual places, of individual human life but it is also a structure that resists any reductive analysis, and is constructed through and in relation at every level, containing an essential multiplicity. It focus to establishes relations of inside and outside between place and boundary of limit. To be located is to be within the frames (of art) but at the same time opens up to makes possible,  indicating directions in which any thinking of place must move, towards ideas of opening and closing, of concealing and revealing, of focus and horizon, of finitude and infinity, possibilities of mutual relationally and co-constitution. It  proceeds through following particular pathways that follow particular directions across the landscapes. These conditions seek to be more than a sphere of production in changes of perspectives and perceptions, reflecting on the space of the assembly, the interchange ability of bodies in space. “Whole”. It is not something a person can take in, but it can be evident to the vision of others. Something somebody may have overlooked, someone else will notice. The used value in my art practice and the idea of whole is tied up in this understanding of sharing with others a way out of a hallowed environment from seeing partially.

We may imagine a place of Utopia, or a place of empowerment or a dependency on the power of empty space to evoke a sense of infinity, but to get from the imaginary space to the reality of a place, knowing without pre-conceptions is a way to see anew. The work operates as being and becoming in place where becoming allows us to think of ourselves not as static isolated identities but as malleable potentialities and POSSIBILITIES.  chances of temporal trajectories un-contained by the present, but contain by the necessities and conditions of living, being. It may create the illusion to invite the spectator to a potentially infinite plurality of interpretations but in reality is a paradox, whispering a shift from a definition of a fixed object to an intuitive experience of time and space,  a place that will direct you towards the origins and beginnings to re locate ourselves in the world allowing us to make sense of our situation and to act on it. from MAPPING our environment  and immediate physical surroundings, to the way we perceive and experience values and power that shapes and forms our reality.


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