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Clues to find the Exact place


1.   It is a place you need to find for yourself but it has no self to realice.

2.   It is within you and is also without you. 

3.   If you find the exact place you see the full beauty of the work  

4.   It is an original place with no comparison and it is always new.

5.   It is also about having no place at all. 

6.   The exact place is more than a breaking point between going and coming back to complete the Art work. 

7.   It is with time or with no time at all.

8.   It is where all the directions open up and where there is no direction at all. 

9.   It holds in a moment in time what can not be contain. 

10. Everything happens and nothing happens. 

11. It is personal place and not personal at all.   

12. It is real, it is not made of believes, nor of words. They only help you to find it.

13. It is the place of activation.

14. It is a place to find but imposible to get lost.


The Action and the Exact place

  1. Take action, but not any action. It needs to be exact.

  2. When here, there is nothing to say, but being.

  3. The creative action, the exact place, the exact moment are one. 

  4. The action is staging new beginnings apart form all history. 

  5. You don’t create it, you participate in it. 

  6. It is a beginning action of creative seeing, a production with no friction at all.

  7. It is without the need of experience and there is no conflict but peace.

  8. It is in the present being, but not at any moment.

  9. Everything happens and nothing happens.

10. The beginning with in and with out at the same time. 

11. The action in seeing before any conditioning takes place.

12. The action of recognition and appreciation.

13.   It is not a place of knowledge nor is it unknowledgeable.

14.  It is a place that opens up to any transformation.  

15. A place of a complete Re-valorisation in production. 

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