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1. The work is presented as a game between reality and truth.  The objective is to find "THE EXACT PLACE”, which its location is not given, but only pointed at the end of the walk. In the writings of each signs they are clues to discover the exact place.

2. This is a participatory and social sculpture, is art based in time and it's also an event about art and place under a cultural event called BadragARTz. The work takes footing in Epistemological theory, which studies and analysis the scope of the Nature of knowledge and justified belief. It deals with the means of production of knowledge to be recognised as an intuitive knowledge that adopts a stance in Art and relational Aesthetics through the means of a poetic language.

3.We are unleashing a sense of being in common, and taking Art out of its own hallowed environment of passive spectators to one that PARTICIPATES and takes action to find the exact place, only this way the work is completed.  

4.We are confronting things as a desire in the world at large, as Whole, to immersed in the world to see it from close, as opposed to observing and judging from afar. All that is require is an action on behalf of the viewer or the participant in order to complete the work.

5.We are seeing place not from the concept of a nation or any particular cultural or religious background, but aware of the cultural, spiritual and political parts, condition and limitation that open up from its parts to approach the whole of a place or the whole of who we are as a world from the public and social place where we are interacting.  

6.We understand that a place is in relationship to identity, but mostly to the nature and the natural phenomena of a place,  but not to its concept of origen as a nation. We see Origen not something old or in the past but something new and active, that is staging new beginnings apart from all history.

7.We understand the place with the other, the stranger and the unknown, the local and the outsider  We are all discovering the place as a whole. 

8.The  supposed non-seriousness of games is exactly what enables their serious potential and a practical outcome. Understand the site as a inquiry for fields such  as philosophy, cultural anthropology cultural production, creativity and not only an aesthetic but also a poetic work based with time and a poetic language.

9.It is a work that has been created as much as it is creating, when it is activated and discover.


10.Politics is knowing how to be together, to live together, to stand each other from our singularities and beyond our conflicts of interests. Politics to me is the art of securing the unity and the desire for a common future, but first we need to know the "exact place" to complete the art work, and not generate more confusion than what there is already in a place of  political action without an exact place in common.

PS. If you do not find the EXACT PLACE, please go back to the beginning of  the work, the being and becoming of a place. You will understand better the relationship between the two directions that together build a third element that will help you find the exact place.

 The more you walk the path, the more you will see the difference in being and becoming of a place, and the more you will see the complete reality of the exact place. It helps to see outside the conventional art context, and think about the way art is created around place, since any place is there for the finding. 

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