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“Whole in ONE”  is a game of words based on the game of golf. A “hole in one” is the best possible shot a player can make. There are 18 different locations and the purpose of the game and part of the walks is to make a “whole in one" or whole to be.  Art in the everyday in contemporary art is usually understood in terms of a desire to bring under or overlooked aspects of lived experiences into visibility and/ or a recognition of ordinary behavior to say “ here is value”. There is a desire  to confront things in the world at large, as “whole”, and  a desire to get close to things, to be immersed in the world, as opposed to observing and judging from afar. This are all approaches that can be playful and participatory, which  requires some action on behalf of the viewer in order to complete the work, not as a passive viewer, but one that engages to be a producer as well.

I do not consider games to be frivolous or secondary, they are complex sites of bracketed identification, engagement, tactical adaptation, and creativity, The  supposed non-seriousness of games is exactly what enables their serious potential and a practical outcomes.  Games have been used as a component of art practice, as the content of art, as a metaphor for criticism and engagement, and as a means to reconsider the role and persona of the artist. Games are a site of inquiry for fields such  as philosophy, mathematics, cultural anthropology and cultural production , creativity and aesthetic experience.

The players "perform” a walk, like the river flow, away or toward the source. Be or become. As an individual or in a group,you can only do this alone (all in one).Be empty like the mind before it became mind.  The players summon and direct their energies for transformation into nature, ideas, power, knowing, unknown. Thinking is not the answer, but some reading is necessary. The only thing to consider serious is: Freedom and love.  The Game is On.

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