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7 walks 7 ways  7works.

This are seven different ways to investigate on contemporary art issues to provide a better dialogue  between ideas, community and territory. They are being created out of the need to provide moments of reflection and direction addressing key themes in sustainable relations with the landscape as a whole. I am creating 7 ways in which a walk can be approach interact with each other to open a research to the everyday values in  contemporary art, which is usually understood in terms of a desire to bring under or overlooked aspects of lived experiences into visibility and/ or a recognition of ordinary behavior to say “ here is value”. There is a desire  to confront things in the world at large, as “whole”, and  a desire to get close to things, to be immersed and participate in the world, as opposed to observing and judging from afar.  This 7 different ways are interchangeable and are interconnected, they are being developed in different ways to different circumstances to  approach the “whole” as a place to be, but also open to become, where becoming allows us to think of ourselves not as static isolated identities but as malleable potentialities.


In this walks, some members do know each other but mostly do not know one another, their composition is arbitrary, some, it is not clear where they come from and with what they identify with, but for them to be able adequately to perceive and reflect on the space where the walks are taking place, and in the place in which  they find themselves and they have become part, is precisely the sort of reflection which I am interested in and concerned with.

I take the task of thinking to be a dialogic-one. It lives only in the medium of conversation that is granted through the engagement with art and place, text and image, time and space and of coarse participation.  Please feel free to contact us any time. It is important to be clear that we need to create a dialectical relationship, rather than an opposition relationship between the increasing abstraction of space and production of particularities of a site.


Alejandro Mondria


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