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1.Art as a Game


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You are entering a site in relationship to art and place, public and private in the direction of movement
which is participatory. It takes place in the movement of walking, and
 presented as a game:  
Each participant takes his or her own path, creates the art work as a frame of the world, or the world as a part of a universal relationship towards place, The only one we have as real, and its possibilities of the imagine. There is no escape, to imagine the present moment is part of the realtity in which we move from moment to moment. From the natural to the material, from virtual to the spiritual, from the public to the private we create our own world and a (social) reality in the present being of who we are, with the ¨other" in which we co-create to a present or as an art work, with the possiblity in which there may be no other, but alone we stand, or all is one only in its potentialities when it is no longer personal.  A place of contemplation, meditation, invitation between reality and truth, which embraces a path in the natural in us, to actualise new possibilities of realities to imagine as real in realtionship to truth, and the "aesthetics"
as a theory in the joy of living as possiblities of the new in the every day of Art and life.



     This is a participatory and social sculpture, based in time was presented as an event  under a cultural production in BadragARTz.  The work takes footing in Epistemological theory, which studies and analysis the scope of the Nature of knowledge and justified believe

            It takes footing in relational Aesthetics through the means of a poetic language.




Alejandro Mondria

Tel: 0041 79 9597243

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